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We are here to customize a program that fits your specific needs and budget. We use the Isagenix wellness supplements in a unique way, to maximize results and help people maintain them.  Whether you are looking to dive into transformation with nutritional detoxification, or just looking to make a few simple tweaks to your current eating habits or health routine, we are here to find the best protocol to fit your budget and your goals. 

This video describes our flagship program in detail

Dense Nutrition (Super Shake Days)

We have both Vegan and raw whey protein meal replacement shakes to fit your individual needs. The program uses one of the world’s rarest forms of New Zealand whey protein. Unlike traditional, heat pasturized whey protein that comes from corn and grain-fed cows, this New Zealand protein is from happy grass-fed cows only milked in season.  This raw, New Zealand protein is carefully pasturized using a low temperature process. The process allows for over 20 amino acids to be preserved which assist the body in cleansing itself.


This program is not a diet focusing on counting calories but is a synergistic program that allows the body to detoxify itself naturally. This can naturally lead to a much healthier, more vibrant life. 


It all begins with eliminating the foods that are inflammatory and sabotaging your goals, while increasing the foods that are supportive of your goals. Focusing on eating wholefoods such as lean proteins, healthy fats, veggies, healthy starches.  On shake days, you will enjoy 1-2  super food shakes a day in addition to 2-3 light, healthy meals and snacks.  You will also incorporate herbs and vitamins to help balance the body, support your metabolism, reduce the stress in your body, and support your immune system.   An advisor will help you map out your individualized plan of action.

After completing your initial days of healthy eating and supplements,   (2-5 days) you will embark on either one or two days (48 hours) of nutritional fasting (detox phase) depending on your individual needs.  Some people choose to take a more scenic route to get to their goals and may decide that 2 oz of our cleanse for life drink is a better fit for them initially or when they hit a maintenance phase.   This is very low calories with extremely highly concentrated nutritional density.


This suspension of the digestive system, during this nutritional fast, is the only way your body will be able to release the toxin-load. 

Detox (Nutritional Fasting)

A very special Aloe Vera mineral drink was created by extracting the gel from the inner-heart filet of the plant. This aloe is preserved for consumption by way of low-temperature spray drying.  This process preserves very special nutrients called polysaccharides.  These polysaccharides help the body break down the toxins so they can be safely processed out through the kidneys and the liver.



What does a typical day look?

Some of our getting started packs

We will work with you to customize a program that fits your goals and budgets.  Here are just a few of our popular packs

Here is a glimpse at our product fast facts. 

Product Fast Facts

Chi Town Detox

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