Why Should I Detox?

We live in an ever growing toxic world. The American Endocrine Society has found that Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC’s) or “obesogens” are disrupting the function of our hormonal system, causing obesity and several diseases that many Americans currently suffer from. These “obesogens” or toxins are in our food supply, in our drinking water, in the air we breathe and there is no escaping them. The human body is not equipped to deal with these toxins and is forced to defend itself by storing toxins in the body’s fat cells. There is no traditional diet or exercise program that can get rid of them. This is why diets are no longer working in the long run. Nutritional detoxification is a natural process for the body. 

Nutritional Detoxification assists the body in ridding itself of stored toxins by releasing the toxins and allowing the body to break them down so they can be excreted from the body naturally. Many people who begin a detoxification program experience things like rapid and safe weight loss, more energy, sleeping better at night, mental clarity, less discomfort and a feeling of youthfulness.

Best-Selling author and researcher, Peter Greenlaw shares how our program addresses the TDOS (toxicity, deficiencies, overweight, stress) syndrome which is underlying to poor health. 
Who Should Detox?

Public health surveys in North America suggest that the average person tested has between 400 and 700 toxic chemicals in their bodies. The Environmental Working group in collaboration with Commonweal on July 14, 2005 found that newborn baby cord blood showed 287 chemicals at the time of birth. These tests have concluded that everyone is toxic. The evidence is clear that if you are a human being over the age of two years of age you need to do some form of cleansing.



How Does it Work?

This revolutionary nutritional approach addresses the co-factors related to health challenges, weight gain, and accelerated aging. By following specific protocols, the body can start the detox process naturally on its own.  

First we provide super-foods that flood your body with massive amounts of nutrition in the fewest calories possible.  We also provide specific herbs that address toxicity, nutritional deficiency and stress. By addressing these specific co-factors with massive amounts of nutrients and specific protocols, you can effectively reach your goals and maximize your wellness potential.

It is critical to mention that this protocol contains no artificial ingredients, stimulants, or appetite suppressants.   As part of the program, you will be assigned a FREE Detox Advisor who will guide you through each step of the program.  The Detox Advisor will assist you to get the best possible results safely in the shortest period of time. 



Chi Town Detox


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